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Meet Michael.

Equal parts artist, educator and digital explorer, Michael J Pearson is a man of many hats. Deeply educated on Artificial Intelligence with a specific interest on its impacts within the realms of ethics and creativity, Michael has collaborated on award-winning films and theatrical productions; actively educates the next generation of artists as a certified Ontario teacher of Dramatic Arts; and has over ten years experience growing and directing youth camp programs from the ground up. Somewhere in there Michael also managed to fit in five years as an exotic animal handler under the moniker "Madagascar Mike". Snakes and sugargliders aside, Michael is simply a creative human with an insatiable curiosity and endless drive to tell stories that entertain and educate.

Read about his latest films:

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He does things.

...for money.

With notable organizations.

...such as:

home hardware.png

The things.

Commercial Voiceover

He loves his audience.

...the appropriate amount. 

Long couch shot.png

Word on the street seems... favorable.

...guess he ain't trash.


Pearson brings charm, physicality and emotional depth to his role.

Pearson stands out.
He veers between jollity,
anger, pain, and

love seamlessly.

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You gave me the

best acting advice

I've ever recieved.

Hanna Anderson

Prior Student

 Pearson is hilarious every time he opens his mouth.


Bobby LePire



A director's dream.

Steve Ross

The Actor's Gym

...pretty okay, actually.


Eric Winick

Merciless Keyboard Critic

I'm not giving you a

quote for your website. 

Michael's Wife

Stop asking me

for a quote.


Michael's Wife


Demo Reels